Secrets of a Robot Dog.

This story is from when my oldest son was three and a half.

He took off his jeans and ran into the kitchen with them draped over his shoulders.
“Can you guess what animal I am Mum?”
“I am a….DRAGON!” he said, running off flapping his arms (And jeans) and roaring.
Then he came back, still with jeans and asked if I knew what kind of animal he was THIS time.
“No, What kind of animal?”
“I am a Toe Animal.”
“A TOE Animal?”
“What’s a toe animal?”
“It’s a sort of animal that wear jeans around its neck to keep it warm in winter!”

Later on he came back and told me that he was a Robot Dog.
“And I have secrets inside!”
“Oohh,’ I said, ‘What kind of secrets?”
” Robot Dog kind of secrets.”
I should have guessed I suppose.

Anyway much later I was wracking (Does one rack or wrack one’s brains?) my brains over WHY exactly a TOE animal. I finally twigged that he meant a TOW animal – like a tow-truck. And the jeans legs were tow-ropes. *sigh*

Interpreting Childrenese is an expert task..for some time I could NOT figure out why when No.1 son was doing the same rounds over and over again he kept telling me he was doing Plastic-Slaps…I wondered if it was some obscure form of slapstick or something…(that I had not heard of…).
But nooooo he was doing Practise-Laps! Lesson for me was – filter all that I hear through motor-vehicle terminology and I will be fine. Like father, etc.


One response to “Secrets of a Robot Dog.

  1. Plastic Slaps…I just pitched the most awesome giggle fit. Interpreting Childrenese and man grunt…there are over laps…

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