About My Mixed-Up-Files and me.

I am a 30-something (this means I don’t have to edit it every time my age changes. Cunning.) mother of two, living in a Coastal Area of NSWwhich is not the North Coast and not the South Coast.
That header image is actually part of the view from my spare room, stolen without permission from a lovely friend of mine, from whom no doubt I will eventually ask permission.

I like to cook, to bellydance, to procrastinate, to read, to sew and draw and paint, and I really, really need to start writing more than just comments.

So this is going to be a general blog, with occasional ranting.

The title comes from a children’s book called ‘From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler’ by E. L. Konigsberg, one of my favourite children’s lit authors.


6 responses to “About My Mixed-Up-Files and me.

  1. Hello, I think I live somewhere near you. In fact, that looks like the view from my spare bedroom………

  2. Cheers Rhiannon
    I like your writing đŸ™‚

  3. Hey Rhiannon,

    Small world huh!

    I think i stumbled across your blog from goodness knows how many links off the Sydney Writers Centre page. Maybe you posted a comment on one of the blogs that featured in their awards?
    Looked at the name and thought i recognise that name. Then looked at your header image and thought i recognise that view (it’s pretty unforgettable the outlook from your balcony).
    Anyway enjoyed reading your journal. I particularly like the way you’re documenting the little things/conversations in your childrens lives. I kind of wish i had some record to go back to from when of our children were smaller.

    Keep it up and say hello to Craig for us.

    Regards Brett Coleman (Sharons husbands, 3 boys etc etc)

    • Wow, indeed small world…er…in the Sydney Basin…Heh. I am regular reader and commenter on the blog ‘News With Nipples’ which won Best Australian Blog in the Commentary category. So you may have seen my name there. I will indeed say hello to Craig for you!

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